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Are you prepared
for an exponential world?

The age of abundance is upon us. And yet, we are still playing the finite game.

You’ve likely heard that “50% of Fortune 500 companies will be replaced the next 10 years” (Innosight 2018 Corporate Longevity Report).

But did you also know, industry leading companies have 5x-10x more cash than industry average (Jim Collins)?

What we see is that good companies often fail to fully scale due to access – whether its capital, know how, and/or contacts. Our objective is to help owners & executives achieve their dreams of building great companies through our global network, know-how, and access to capital.

What is Growth?

Our theory growth is that it is essentially 3 things:

systems, tools, strategy

contacts for global distribution & investment

by the teams

And, we help leaders with the first two items to help their companies scale.  We are able to execute by leveraging our global partners who are market and thought leaders.  To drive growth, execution is up to the leaders of companies.

Our Partners

Below are some of our partners who are global leaders in their fields.



About Exponential Partners

Exponential Partners is a boutique investment brokerage and growth advisory firm. We help CEOs and owners digitize and scale their businesses through our growth know how and our global partner & investor network.

Our BHAG (dream) is to help build three $1B+ companies by 2030 with at least one from Mongolia. Our secret sauce is our global partners who are global leaders.  They include Fast Track, the leading growth consultancy firm in Europe; Scaling Up, the company founded by world’s #1 growth coach Verne Harnish; International Deal Gateway which has 7,000 investors & founders from 100 countries; STS Capital, a leading sell-side M&A specializing in maximizing exit value for entrepreneurs; Growth Summit Global, the biggest executive summit in Mongolia; Scaling Up & other executive workshops and master classes.

Our passion project is helping build Mongolia’s startup and innovation ecosystem. In collaboration with Pegasus Tech Ventures, a $1.5 billion USD Silicon Valley VC fund, we organize Mongolia regional competition of Startup World Cup, the world’s biggest startup pitch competition.  Our Founders have also brought Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator program to Mongolia.